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The seven jewels of wisdom. A concise intro to the main points of Theosophy
Translation of above article in Dutch, Russian and German

The psychological key to man.
What humans really are and how to help change this world for the better
Summary of above article in Dutch
Translation of above article in German

What happens to us after death? Invaluable information about life and death

Introduction into the teachings of Vitvan

Highlights of Vitvan's teachings(1); Nov., 97

Appendix to Highlights of Vitvan's teachings(1); June, 99

Highlights of Vitvan's teachings(2), part 1; August, 1999
Philosophy and psychology

Highlights of Vitvan's teachings(2), part 2; December, 1999
Philosophy and psychology continued.

Towards a modernization of theosophy

Sacred Geometry article

Sacred Geometry continued

Gnostic, Kabbalistic and Theosophical archive

Discussion with critical left people on the subject of theosophy and its modernization
Dutch language. Contains links to two other articles of mine and to the magazine 'Kleintje Muurkrant'

Also available:
Fundamentals of the esoteric philosophy by Gottfried de Purucker

Key to theosophy by H.P. Blavatsky

Keys to Kabbalah by Alan Bain